SIRIM Training Services Sdn Bhd (SIRIM Training) provides reliable and affordable high quality training, consulting and advisory services to organizations in understanding, implementing, complying or getting certification to national / international standards.



Beyond ISO Certification

Get your organization recognized through SIRIM’s Recognition Schemes :

  1. TQM Recognition Scheme - since 2010

  2. Green 5S Recognition Scheme

  3. Customer Service Management Recognition Scheme

Main benefits of Recognition Schemes :-

  • Provide inputs to management on the effectiveness of quality initiatives - results of achievement are measureable and linked to business performance.

  • Provide inputs to management on area for improvement and new initiatives to be introduced in the near future.

  • To sustain creative, innovative and quality culture for the survival of the organization.



Event that everyone must attend :

  • Quality Certification Conferences.

  • Lab Accreditation Seminar.

  • Energy Management Seminar.

  • CompTIA Certification Seminar

  • Xilinx Certification Seminar

  • MS 1900:2005 QMS From Islamic Perspective Seminar

  • Food Safety Management Systems Seminar

  • Business Networking Session

  • Energy Management Seminar


New Programme

Skills Enhancement Programme for SMEs
Skills Enhancement Program aims to enhance the skills and the ability of SME employees in technical and managerial levels, particularly in critical areas such as electrical and electronics, information technology, industrial design and engineering.

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